January 10th, 2006 + 8:01 PM  ·  FurSeal

To start with, Sangen means The Song in Norwegian (according to freetranslation.com) and has no significance on the nature of the song (other than the fact that it is indeed a song).  I just went with Norwegian because Sangen sounded the coolest.

And if there was any question, this is an all instrumental piece.  I can't sing or write lyrics.  The 1.5ish minute intro is a slight variation of a tune I wrote when I got my classical guitar.  Technically one of my friends worked on it too(thanks Zeke).  After that, I just wanted to do a sort of dueling electric/classical guitar thing in a song that had a bunch of different phases.  However, at 3 minutes it seemed to be an appropriate time to use my pennywhistle.  Also, this was my first time to ever record in stereo (on purpose), so I hope its not too poorly done.  Also, I apologize for any and all mistakes... I have never spent so much time recording a song as I did this, and was pretty sick of correcting small mistakes.  Finally, I appreciate all comments/suggestions/criticism/marriage proposals (though I cannot guarantee any response on any of those).

Blues Medley

July 21st, 2005 + 12:07 PM  ·  FurSeal

This is a really simple little blues tune.  Just me on every instrument and like most things I do only one take per instrument.  I was just wondering if I could make a bluesy sound on my keyboard or my mandolin, and in case I couldn't, I threw in some acoustic and electric lead parts to make up for it.  Please bear in mind that I have been playing keyboard for about... oh... less than a month when I recorded this, and mandolin isn't much of a blues instrument.  But I had fun and enjoy listening to it from time to time.

Yo Vivo!

July 21st, 2005 + 10:07 AM  ·  FurSeal

So I was up really really late one evening, jacking around on my acoustic guitar playing some sorta Spanish sounding music (pretty much the acoustic intro part of this song) while watching Seinfeld DVDs, and decided that it would be fun to record it.  So I go over plug everything in and just start playing.  I didn't really intend for any of it to happen the way it did - ESPECIALLY where it slowed down at the end, but I kinda liked it and went ahead and put a lead guitar track over the top with my electric.  Which was funny because I had never played that style before.  It ended up sounding really cheesy I think, but it makes me laugh to listen to it.  Enjoy!

(And remember, this was REALLY late)


July 20th, 2005 + 12:07 PM  ·  FurSeal

The very first thing I ever originally wrote was the background part for this song.  I originally recorded it to help myself learn how to improv a lead over rythym better, and it has just kept coming back.  Recently I decided to do it again - but with a KEYBOARD thrown in.  Every part is played by myself.  The background acoustic guitar (Alvarez DY-38), the keyboard (Casio CTK-496), the lead electric (Gretsch Electromatic), and I also threw some quieter lead acoustic in there (Alvarez again), and don't know whether or not I should keep it in the mix - it's kinda strange.  Also since I didn't have a name for the song, I just looked up the scientific classification for Fur Seal.
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